Changing Our World

The Rotary Club of Bishopdale Burnside is an active club with many different projects. Our members have joined because they would like to make a contribution and make our world a better place.

So how do they do that? Well one of the ways is to contribute to many of our club projects which may be

These projects may include hands on working bees, collecting for other charities or providing funds for youth, international or local communities needs.

Raising Funds to Support Our Communities

Like many organisations today, through our Rotary  Club of Bishopdale Burnside Charitable Trust we are actively raising funds to support the projects both Local and International. Our current fund raising projects include:

  • Annual Bookarama
  • Bi Annual Artarama
  • Selling Rugby Programme at AMI Stadium during the rugby season



Community Projects
International Projects
Be a gift to the world Rotary Theme for the 2015-16 Year
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