Community Awards Evening

Each year the club seeks to recognize persons in our local community who deserve some form of recognition. There are currently four categories of award

  • Community Service
  • Vocational Excellence
  • Small Business
  • Young Totara

When Does it take place?

Typically the awards evening takes place in mid May and so the programme organizer must be contacted early to save a suitable date.

What are the criteria for the awards?

Community Service Award

An award to:

“To recognise a local person who has contributed significantly to voluntary services in the community”

Vocational Excellence

An award to recognise:

“A person who has contributed significantly over an extended period of time to a specific vocation to a high standard of excellence”

Small Business

-An award to recognise:

“A business that has made significant contribution to employment creation and which sets high standards of service

Young Totara

An award to recognise:

“A significant contribution by a young person to the life and well being of their community, affecting those around them in a positive manner. Innovative thinking and effective enterprise, leadership, and planning ability are judged as important attributes”

How do we obtain potential awardees?

There are two principle methods of identifying potential awardees:

The Club Website now has a call to action on several pages inviting nominations for those awards.

Use the club bulletin, this website, facebook and requests at the club meeting to obtain nominations from club members.

Save local community newspapers for 3/6 months and obtain details of potential awardees from this source
In regard to the Young Totara Award we have in the past requested the Dean of Senior Division at Burnside High to make a nomination.

Current details are:

Dean of Senior Division
Burnside High School
155 Greers Road

Phone:+64 3 358 8383


What are the Rules for the Totara Award?

The following rules apply for awarding the Totara Award

  • Age of the awardee at the time of nomination must not be more than twenty years
  • Children of members of the awarding Rotary Club are not eligible.
  • Each club is entitled to make one award only per Rotary year [unless particular circumstances prevail in which case a club can apply to District for special dispensation], the award being made to one person only [not shared]
  • The ceremony of presentation of the award is to be made at a normal Rotary Club meeting to which all club members are invited.
  • Presentation of the award is to be made by a local dignitary, member of Parliament or prominent person especially invited to perform this duty.
  • Representatives of all the local media are to be invited to attend the ceremony.
  • Press releases are to be forwarded to all media

What are the awards and who supplies them?


The Community Service, Vocational Excellence and Small Business Award are shields and have traditionally been supplied by Ed Harding These are obtained from Rotary International, so Ed requires quite a bit of notice to obtain them. Once the shields are to hand, they will require to be engraved with the names of the winners.

The Young Totara Award consists of a framed certificate and a badge and is obtained from Robin Bowden Phone 332 4307 Rotary District contact person at a cost of $60. In addition the club usually also supplies a small totara tree, which John and Jenny Thomson supply.


Who presents the award?

Who presents the award?

It is the organisers choice as to who presents the awards. The only formalised requirement is that the Young Totara award has provision on the certificate for the award to be presented by a significant person in the community. In the past this has included a local MP or City Council member.


How do we select recipients for the award?

There are no formalised requirements for selecting the best awardee. This is at the discretion of the organiser.

It is prudent however to make a few enquiries and run the names of possible winners before other club members in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Traditionally potential awardees are visited and interviewed to determine suitability before the award is confirmed.


Who is invited to the presentation of awards?

Successful awardees are invited to the club evening where the awards are to be presented. Each is invited to bring along a friend, and the young totara awardee is invited to bring their parents. The Club Secretary needs timely advice on the number of extra meals required.


How is the awards evening conducted?

The agenda for the evening is along the following lines:

  • Outline of each of the awards and reason for offering them
  • Introduction of first awardee with an outline of their achievements
  • Presentation of award by the person presenting
  • Awardee invited to say a few words
  • Repeat for each awardee
  • Final set of words from person presenting
  • Close

Typically the event takes 20/25 minutes