Students show appreciation for Rotary Support.

For a few years now our Rotary club has supported two low decile primary schools in our area.

One of the schools, Burnside Primary, recently received a large order of ‘Duffy Books’ funded by our club and hugely appreciated by the children who don’t have access to good reading material at home.

To show their appreciation some students wrote lovely letters of appreciation while others compiled a display board with hearts stuck to it with beautiful messages of thanks.

This school also has a number of parents who are not able to pay for swimming lessons for their children so we also provided the cost for these to ensure no child missed out on learning such important skills.

A special book was compiled by the students who benefited with photos of the groups in the pool with their instructors and again lovely messages of appreciation.

 Projects such as these make us feel satisfied that we can make a difference in the lives of these not so well off young people.